Partnership 2018

This year, in Brussels, the NIGHTS2018 conference is organized by

Modus Vivendi

Created in 1993, Modus Vivendi implements, for the benefit of drug users and with their participation, any action and any reflection aimed at harm reduction associated with drug use (AIDS, hepatitis, bad trip, social isolation, etc.) in the French part of Belgium. Since 1993 Modus has developed over 15 projects linked to drug consumption, from access to sterile syringes for needle exchange, to festive consumptions by party goers.


VAD, the Flemish centre of expertise on alcohol and other drugs, coordinates most of the Flemish organisations that deal with the issues of alcohol, illegal drugs, psychoactive medication, and gambling. VAD wants to educate the public from a health and welfare perspective and improve the expertise of intermediaries about the handling of alcohol and other drugs.

The Nightlife Empowerment and Well-being Network (NEWNet)

The NEWNet is a European network of community based NGOs, nightlife professionals, local and regional authorities and agencies, treatment professionals and scientific researchers acting in the fields of health promotion and nightlife. It was launched in 2014, with the aim of sharing best practice by way of an open source approach. The main focus is on knowledge transfer, training of peers and professionals and the development of prevention and harm reduction standards. The basis for the establishment of NEWNet was the previous Basics-Network and the two EU funded projects „Democracy, Cities and Drugs“ (DC & D) and „Nightlife Empowerment & Wellbeing Implementation Project“ (NEWIP).


Transit is a first line structure. It offers a psychological and social support (not medical) and an accommodation for every adult in crisis suffering from problematic drug use. Transit is a low threshold centre: there are no admission requirements. It makes possible to create a connection with drug users in great vulnerability, with no healthcare, getting out of prison or still incarcerated, or illegally living here. Therefore, Transit tries to fight against marginalization of these people.

In partnership with 

Center for policing and security (CPS) / ClubCommission Berlin / Stadt Nach Acht / Reggae Geel / Sonics Network / Live DMA / Court-Circuit / C12 / Recyclart / Magasin 4 / EVENTSURE / ADAM Museum / La Plateforme Vie Nocturne, 24hBrussels, VK Concerts

With the support of

Brussels-Capital Region – French Community Commission (COCOF) – City of Brussels – Flemish community – Visit.Brussels – Reggae Geel – ING