Dear nightlife activists, policy makers, night venues’ managers, health professionals, urban planning specialists, festival organizers, night-ambassadors, academics, city elected officals, culture promoters, etc. Welcome to the NIGHTS2018 conference. After Padua and Berlin, this conference edition will invite you to think beyond the paradoxes and to keep up to date on the latest endeavors to insure a qualitative nightlife, for all.

As the NIGHTS conferences want to be part of the recognition of the necessary role nightlife has in every city and citizens’life, we will continue to exchange on the previous four thematic pillars; night-time economy, culture, urban development, safe night out and go beyond. A special focus will be dedicated to urban-coexistence, nightlife-masterplans, night councils and ambassadors, drug policy, festival-safety, leisure tourism and nightlife-bars.

Join us from the 15th to the 17th of November to get new ideas, to share experiences, to start projects, to meet international experts from various sectors, to enhance your networks and of course to plunge in the vibrant Brussels nights!

Mai 2018 – The NIGHTS2018 organisation committee